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Our Agency was developed after years of research in finding the most competitive health insurance plans available in Washington. Unlike most insurance agencies, our office specializes only in Health Insurance and related coverages. Our reputation for saving hundreds of dollars for individuals & families, and thousands for businesses searching for better health insurance coverage, has made us one of the fastest growing agencies in the Northwest.

The Washington Health Insurance Agency's unique position in the marketplace allows us to shop and compare from all of the major health insurance carriers available in Washington; and because we are an appointed and licensed agent for each health insurance company, you get the same price as you would if you purchased your coverage directly from the carrier.

With one call to our agency, you can get expert advice on the best health insurance coverage to meet your unique needs. Give us a call today!

Our Staff

Jenni Hatfield of the Washington Health Insurance Agency}

Jenni Hatfield

I have been at the Agency since its inception. I wear multiple hats, balancing managing the office, managing customer service and assisting Vern. I truly enjoy talking with our clients, and helping them solve billing and customer service issues. When I am not working at the Agency, I split my time as a Mom, Cheer Coach and professional Clown. I love making people smile.

Alyssa Lee of the Washington Health Insurance Agency}

Alyssa Lee

Working as an Account Manager is both fulfilling and enjoyable. I revel in analyzing quotes, comparing carriers and evaluating benefits to guarantee our clients are getting the best service. I have a keen eye for detail and utilize that skill when shopping the market for our business clients. I live to be active, and have a newfound appreciation for sports. I am trying my hand at softball and have also joined a running club.

Whitney Layman of the Washington Health Insurance Agency}

Whitney Layman

My job consists of handling the flow of work in the office. I am our client’s first point of contact and enjoy getting to know everyone before connecting them with one of our agents. Every day is different when it comes to assisting our clients and I look forward to the change and challenge. I love spending time with my family when I am not at work, either inner tubing down the river or combing through the sand at the beach with my trusty metal detector in search of treasure.

Vanessa McManus of the Washington Health Insurance Agency}

Vanessa McManus

As a Research and Data Analyst, client satisfaction is my number one priority. Our Group Department teams up to ensure our clients are receiving the time and attention they deserve. I look forward to finding and providing different carrier benefit options to our businesses both large and small. During my time outside of the office I venture to the Sound to canoe, hike the Olympics, or travel from town to town in search of the best tasting donut!

Lisa Valverde of the Washington Health Insurance Agency}

Lisa Valverde

My role at the Agency is interesting and keeps me on my toes. I work both on the group and individual side. I love being able to educate business owners who want to provide health benefits to their employees, as well as helping families navigate through the complex and ever changing health insurance market. Outside of the Agency, I enjoy spending time with my family, cheering my boys on from the bleachers or traipsing through the wilderness with my pups.

About the Owner

Vernon Bonfield, owner of the Washington Health Insurance Agency

Vernon Bonfield has been a licensed insurance agent for over 20 years. As a Health Insurance Specialist, he has helped several Washington residents, business owners, and non-profit organizations find better ways to lower their health insurance costs while improving their HR administration and employee benefits.

Over the past decade he has become a resource for local agencies, organizations, and private companies regarding health care policies, reform topics, and health insurance issues.

Distinguished as an ‘Expert Author’, Vernon has written several articles, participated in discussion panels and speaking engagements related to the vast and complex subject of Health Care and Health Insurance.

Vernon has also been featured on radio and television stations providing insight and answers about the Affordable Care Act and its impact on Washington individual and family coverage.