Preventive Servies

Health insurance has completely shifted modes over the past few years, with the help of a major provision of the ACA - private carriers are now covering recommended preventative services with little or no patient cost-sharing.

Evidence has shown that preventative screenings and exams have saved lives and allowed patients to detect and manage illnesses more effectively.

These preventive measures have been broken into 4 different categories: 

I.                    Evidence-based screening and counseling - screening for cholesterol, obesity, various cancers, HIV, drug and tobacco use and others

II.                  Routine Immunizations – including but not limited to, influenza, meningitis, tetanus, HPV, hepatitis A and B, measles, etc .

III.                Preventive Services for Children and Youth – immunization and screening services for both behavioral and developmental assessment.

IV.                Preventive Services for Women – well-women screenings, contraceptives and related services, breastfeeding support and supplies, etc.

For a comprehensive list of covered services for both adults and children, see the tables put together by Kaiser Family Foundation.  As always, consult with your carrier about their preventative and wellness programs.