Donald Trump’s plan to reform Healthcare and “make it great”

While Donald Trump’s main initiatives have been widely discussed, mocked, opposed and virtually dissected from every angle, the issue of Healthcare has been relatively mum, comparatively.  Like his right wing contemporaries, presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump has taken the position to repeal and replace healthcare reform.  Not surprisingly, Donald Trump favors a healthcare system that emphasizes free market principles, provider transparency and decentralized decision-making.[i]

On his website, Trump presents a seven point model to improve our healthcare industry and – dare I say, “make it great!”  His vision closely represents the pre-ObamaCare world, with a few added twists.  By applying free market practices, enabling carriers to sell across state lines (would require law modification), and removing barriers for entry for pharmaceutical companies to enter the market, increased competition will lower costs and broaden healthcare access.

Trump spends some time hitting on some changes valued by both sides of the spectrum – the need for transparency from all healthcare providers and calling for substantial improvement in our mental health programs and institutions in this country.  However, he presents a few wrinkles in healthcare reform that differ significantly from what has been presented by the other presidential hopefuls and our current Speaker of the House’s (it is widely speculated that Ryan and Trump will forge their relationship over healthcare reform – more on that later) .  Most notably:

·         Allow individuals to fully deduct health insurance premium payments – Businesses are allowed to     write off the premiums, so why wouldn’t Congress allow individuals to do the same?

·         Remove barriers to entry into free markets for drug providers that offer safe, reliable and cheaper products

·         Enforcing immigration laws that would relieve healthcare cost pressures on state and local governments

While some candidates went to great lengths to explain how their reforms will be funded and rolled out (see Bernie Sander’s “Medicare for All”), Mr. Trump’s presentation doesn’t present many statistics or steps to be taken.  His focus seems to mostly singular in the sense that creating a platform for competition will lower healthcare costs and improve satisfaction for Americans.  He does recognize that a repeal of ObamaCare and his outlined reforms are simply the starting point.

To read his healthcare reform position in its entirety, go here.

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