The Value of a highly effective Account Manager during Open Enrollment – Priceless!

With Open Enrollment rapidly approaching – it’s that time of year to double check that you have your Account Manager on speed dial! When it comes to navigating the often tricky and sensitive nature of health and wellness benefits, the importance of relying on and interacting with another person – rather than a screen – can’t be underestimated or understated.

Impending open enrollment, our Account Managers are working behind the scenes reviewing their groups’ current offered benefit plan options and gathering pertinent information about their clients’ specific pricing needs and appetite to go to the market. Every year at renewal we take your company’s census and run quotes with all applicable carriers in the state of Washington. It is our responsibility to ensure your company has the best plan selection that meets the benefit needs for your employees without overpaying.

Once the quotes have been returned from the carriers, our Account Managers will review the quotes and build a simplified Plan Comparison that will allow you to see the top three rates for your group alongside the most common benefits offered by each carrier. Your Account Manager is available to go over the plan comparison and discuss our findings, we can schedule a time to meet with you, either in person or over the phone.

Our account managers handle all enrollment submissions and act as a liaison between the group administrator and the carriers. This process ensures that the group administrator is never bogged down with questions or issues that can be resolved through our office. Our agency has built strong internal networks with the carriers so that when data requests or client concerns arise, they can be triaged and addressed in a timely fashion. Our Account Managers have persevered in mastering the craft of getting their clients’ needs to the front of the line, in the correct department.

Groups are offered a benefit orientation during initial enrollment, open enrollment and throughout the year for each new enrolling employee. Your Account Manager can come to your office and provide clarification on plans, deductibles, networks, etc. as well as answer any questions your employees may have. Educating employees at the onset of enrollment ensures less confusion and potential issues later – being proactive rather than reactive! We know how important it is for your employees to understand their health coverage options and their benefits package as a whole.

A new survey conducted among Human Resource Managers on employee benefits engagement and utilization found that despite the ongoing growth of technology, employees desire personalized human interaction. The survey also showed that the group administrators and their employees have experienced more seamless enrollment with a single point of contact that is personalized, intuitive and interactive.

As you brace yourself for the annual flood of calls which comes along each open enrollment season, expect similar questions each year. Questions are inevitable – but that’s when you remember to speed dial your Account Manager!

A highly effective Account Manager is key to your success and sanity during open enrollment!

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