It’s that time of year when employees should start thinking about their upcoming health plan choices.

There are many factors for employees to consider when making their selection and selecting the “wrong plan” based on uncertainty about plan cost sharing amounts, fear of a high deductible or out-of-pocket maximum, or just lack of plan evaluation. Employee’s selecting the “wrong plan” could result in them paying more out of pocket while getting less coverage or benefits in return.

With so many factors, some employees might be unclear on how to determine what the right plan is. It simply means selecting the plan that provides sufficient coverage for the individual’s unique healthcare situation. Additionally, the right plan should meet an individual’s comfort level in terms of budget and financial risk. On the other hand, choosing the wrong plan could mean paying more without getting more coverage or benefits in return.

A recent survey of 100 human resources (HR) administrators showed that only 10% of them are “very confident” that their employees understand the choices they are making when it comes to health insurance and 75% believed employees are only “somewhat confident.” The lack of understanding many employees have when it comes to the complexity of health insurance and ability to choose the right plan can be very time consuming for employers.

That’s what we are here for! We understand the significance of their decision and how all involved would greatly benefit by more employees being “very confident” in their choice. We are dedicated in helping employers educate their employees on their health plan options. We provide customized side by side plan comparisons as a tool for employees to evaluate their plan choices.

As an employer, ensuring that your employees are well educated to make the best decision will ultimately lead to more engagement and productivity that can positively impact your company’s bottom line.

Health plan decisions are indeed complex, but we can help simplify the selection process!

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